Simplicity is in our nature, so with us there’s no confusing ‘Superior’, ‘Deluxe’, ‘Grand’ and the like. Just six 65-square metre rooms of soothing, stylish bliss.

Queen-sized beds, walk-in showers, full-sized baths, sumptuous sofas, acres of space for busying yourself with business, and views over lawns and trees to help you make sense of whatever is occupying your mind.

(PLEASE NOTE: We’re about to renovate all of our suites. The photos you see here are from our sister hotel, Latitude 15° in Lusaka, which provide a guide to the design style of the renovated suites at Latitude 13°.)






991px and 1199

1200px and 1399

1200px and 1250

1400px and 1475

1400px and 1599

1600px and 1799

1800px and 1850

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